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'''''Psilocybe cubensis'' Growth Parameters'''
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'''''Psilocybe cubensis'' Growth Parameters'''

taken from

[[ | Paul Stamets and J. S. Chilton: The Mushroom Cultivator]]
If you want more information (and there is plenty!), go buy the book

'''Mycelial'''''' Types: '''Rhizomorphic to linear; whitish in overall color but often bruising bluish where injured. 
'''Standard Spawn Medium: '''Rye grain. See Chapter III. 
'''Fruiting Substrate: '''Rye grain; wheat straw; leached horse or cow manure and/or horse manure/straw compost balanced to a 71-74% moisture content. 
'''Method of Preparation: '''See Chapters III, V, and VI. Pasteurization achieved through exposure to live steam for 2 hours at 140°F. throughout the substrate. Straw or compost should be filled to a depth of 6-12 inches. Straw should be spawned at a rate of 2 cups/sq. ft. 

'''Spawn Run:'''
''Relative Humidity: ''90%. 
''Substrate Temperature: ''84°F - 86°F. Thermal death limits have been established at 106°F. 
''Duration: ''10-14 days. 
 CO'_2_': 5000 - 10,000 ppm. 
''Fresh Air Exchanges: 0 per hour. ''
'''Type of Casing: '''After fully run, cover with the standard casing whose preparations described in Chapter VIII. Layer to a depth of 1-2 inches. The casing should be balanced to an initial pH of 6.8 - 7.2.
'''Post Casing/Prepinning: '''
''Relative Humidity: ''90 %.
''Substrate Temperature: ''84 - 86°F. 
''Duration of Case Run: ''5-10 days. 
''CO'_2_': ''5000-10,000 ppm. 
''Fresh Air Exchanges: ''0 per hour. 
''Light: ''Incubation in total darkness. 

'''Primordia Formation:'''
''Relative Humidity: ''95-100%. 
''Air Temperature: ''74-78 °F. 
''Duration: ''6-10 days. 
''CO'_2_''': less than 5000 ppm. 
''Fresh Air Exchanges: ''1 -3 per hour. %red%For practical purposes, fanning a terrarium 2-3 times a day is sufficient)
''Light:'' Diffuse natural or exposure for 12-16 hours/day of grow-lux type fluorescent light high in blue spectra at the 480 nanometer wavelength. (See Chapters IV and IX). 

''Relative Humidity: ''85-92%. %red%(For cakes: 95-100% )
''Air Temperature: ''74-78 °F. 
''CO'_2_''''''_ _''''':'''' ''less than 5000 ppm. 
''Fresh Air Exchanges: ''1 -3 per hour. %red%(For practical purposes, fanning a terrarium 2-3 times a day is sufficient)</font>
''Flushing Pattern: ''Every 5-8 days. 
''Harvest Stage: ''When the cap becomes convex and soon after the partial veil ruptures. 
''Light: ''Indirect natural or same as above. 
'''Yield Potential: '''Average yields are 2-4 Ibs. /sq. ft. over a 5 week cropping period. Maximum yield potential has not been established. 
'''Moisture Content of Mushrooms: '''92% water; 8% dry matter. 
'''Nutritional Content: '''Not yet established.
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