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Spore printing

Wash your hands and work in a clean environment to perform the following steps:

  • take a clean material you want to print on (fresh typing paper, index cards, wax paper, tin foil, glass slides....)
  • cut a opened, clean, mature cap off the stem as near to the gills as possible with a clean scalpel or knife
  • place the cap on the printing material gills down
  • cover the cap with a jar or glass or place the printing material in a plastic container (Tupperware...) with lid on.
  • let sit for 12-24 hours at room temperature
  • pick up the cap, cover again and let the print dry for around 24 hours
  • when the print is dry fold the print and tape the edges or leave it as is and put into a clean plastic zip bag.
  • label and store in a dark, cold and dry place.

Hallucinogenic Magic Mushrooms Information

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