ALBINO definition (Websters new world dictionary)
2. any animal or plant abnormally lacking in color

For some unknown reason, a PF style cake of PF race shrooms developed strange white primordia. They grew into shrooms I have never seen before. They apparantely are ALBINO mutants. The gills are pure white and sterile (no spores or reproductive system). The above photo is a close up of the third flush appearance of the Albino, growing from the base of the cake in the bottom vermiculite layer. This is a good example of what a "strain" is. To the left of the albino is a normal PF race shroom primordia (abhorted). These are two seperate strains. This is a clear representation of different strain manifestations on a single cake.


The shrooms on the left are a first flush of normal PF race shrooms. The shrooms on the right are the first flush of the Albino clone (taken from the single specimen in the above photo).


As hoped for, the original PF Albino manifesting cake delivered a small third flush, and one Albino formed (the answer to a prayer to the great fungi from the beyond). This last appearing Albino was dissected and small fragments of inner flesh were excised and placed into a culture tube. As hoped for, it took and began to come to life. After the culture tube medium (Brown rice agar) was covered with the mycelium, sterile water was injected into the culture tube and the culture was broken up and mixed with a scalpel. The resultant mix was transfered to a small lab bottle (with a tight cap) and more water was added. The bottle was then violently shaken and with a 13 gauge syringe needle, mycelium rich water was injected into PF style jars. The Albinos invitro primordiated and grew like normal PF race shrooms. The bottle that was used for the injection solution was left with lots of remains. The bottle regenerated into a type of liquid culture with little floating "islands" of mycelium. This Albino is very resilient and spooks me. It looks like a ghost mushroom. The gills are sterile.

In this view, the sterile gills are shown.

Psylocybe fanaticus
August 7 2000