full grown Albino mutant clone on the PF TEK.

Blueing of the gills

These are some of the shrooms from the second flush of the clone cake. Another strangeness occurred. The gills blued heavily. On the first flush, blueing occurred with age but not nearly to this extent. Apparantely, the blueing shows the shrooms are psilocybian. On regular PF shrooms, gills will bruize blue very easily but not like this.

For this second flush, the terrarium was placed away from the light. As can be seen, several shrooms have oriented upside down. Regular PF shrooms will do this also when deprived of light. It appears that the Albino mutants are fully photo tropic by growing in an upwards orientation when exposed to light from above and growing in all directions when no light is given.

closeup of the blueing gills.

Psylocybe fanaticus
October 16 2000