This is one of the best cultivars. It has appeared for many years. Its first appearance is a cover photo. Paul Stamets first book, "Psilocybe mushrooms and their allies" has the Equador on the cover. This is a very nice second flush and this shroom is a fav of many because of its incredible stature and growing ability.

Equador race descriptions

1. CAP (size - shape stages - colors)
dome shaped - doesn't go to plane at maturity but becomes convex. It never upturns. The primordia caps are sometimes a deep purple reddish with white spots.

2. STEM (length - girth - flesh - colors)
Fibrous, sturdy, thick and whitish.

3. VEIL (deliquescent - partly deliquescent - persistant anulus)
The veil is persistant, leaving a skirt like anulus attached to the stem.

4. SPORULATION (at what developement stage does it begin?)
It begins quickly, maturing fast after veil break.

5. TENACIOUSNES (Strength of attachment of the stem base to the cake)
Moderately attached and easy to pick cleanly.

6. SHAPE SHIFTING (shapes and changes of flush to flush - strain to strain)
Very little shape shifting - a very stable appearing shroom from strain to strain.

7. SIZE TENDANCIES (overall size of the mushroom at maturity)
From small to about as big as they get.

8. GESTATION PERIOD (generalized time of primordia appearance after inoculation)
Like the Hawaiian, longer than the PF, and not a very good invitro primordiator. It can primordiate and give some perfect specimens, but it does better to birth after about a month and give it the PF double ended cake casing treatment.

9. POTENCY (This simply comes down to how fast the shroom loses its latent potency - relating to the advent of sporulation)
This is a fast maturer, so the specimens must be picked in advanced primordia stage right before veil breakage for good potency.

10. FLUSHING (Ability to repeat flush)
It is a great flusher, giving three really good PF style flushes and more if the lemon is to be squeezed.

And, like the Hawaiian (Golden Teacher from PFE), it glows a yellowish hue from top to bottom right before the veil breaks. Then it quickly loses the gold color.

PF home page - www.fanaticus.com

Psilocybe Cubensis spore race photos and descriptions

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