This is a photo of a first flush PF style. The cake was birthed without invitro primordiation, given the PF double ended cake casing treatment, and delivered to the basic PF neglect Tek. This spore race actually should be called the "classic". From what PF knows, it was the number one Cubensis cultivar in Holland for many years. There was a fiasco in Holland having to do with a grower (Tim Cyanse - psuedonym) who was supplying shrooms to Dutch head cafes but he went to far. He made cakes and candies with shroom powder (left over from harvesting and drying). This didn't go over to well with the Dutch authorities and a big bust and scandel erupted, even involving the famous German mycologist, Dr. Jochen Gartz.


1. CAP (size - shape stages - colors)
Dome shaped to plane. This one doesn't upturn much in extreme maturity. The colors are the usuall flesh (caucasion) color, deep.

2. STEM (length - girth - flesh - colors)
Slender to thick - whitish when young and mature. It is fibrous and sturdy with a medium length.

3. VEIL (deliquescent - partly deliquescent - persistant anulus)
The veil is persistant leaving a well defined Stropharia type of anulus. It breaks clean off of the gills and forms a "turtle neck sweater" type of anulus.

4. SPORULATION (at what developement stage does it begin?)
Sporulation is rampant and begins soon after the veil breaks. And it might even begin as the veil breaks leaving a decidedly purple colored anulus. This shroom is a fast maturer.

5. TENACIOUSNES (Strength of attachment of the stem base to the cake)
Good tenaciousness, stable during growth and easily picked clean of substrate hanging on.

6. SHAPE SHIFTING (shapes and changes of flush to flush - strain to strain)
The Hawaiian is a serious shape shifter. From large thick stemed specimens to small petite delicate stemed shrooms.

7. SIZE TENDANCIES (overall size of the mushroom at maturity)
Small to almost as big as they get.

8. GESTATION PERIOD (generalized time of primordia appearance after inoculation)
Slower than the PF race. Invitro primordiation is usually unsatisfactory, and birthing and casing are required about after a month.

9. POTENCY (This simply comes down to how fast the shroom loses its latent potency - relating to the advent of sporulation)
As long as this shroom is picked before any purple is observed, it is a good shroom.

10. FLUSHING (Ability to repeat flush)
The Hawaiian might be the champ at this. First second and third flushes are easy and always look great. They change radically from strain manisfestaion to strain manisfestation, flush to flush. Very few aborts develope with the Hawaiian.

PF got it from a hobby mycologist in Holland (PFE) who was supplying it as a spore sample to Amazing Nature and Smart Botanics (Dutch Weed folks and items for sale). PFE named it "Golden Teacher". He did this because sometimes right before the veils break when the primordia are at their largest size before becoming mature, the entire shroom can have a golden yellowish color which vanishes when maturity starts to set in.

Strangely, the "Golden Teacher" being sold by other spore sellers is being claimed to be different from PF's "Golden Teacher". PFE claims that the Dutch growers got it from Pacific Exotic Spora in Hawaiia. It really doesn't matter where it came from. The reallity of it is that it is a superb Cubensis cultivar, one of the best ever found. It does look like the Cubensis used in the old OSS and OERIC (Mckenna brothers) shroom growing book.

So given the confusion about PES and the so called PES Amazon, PES Hybrid, or PES Hawaiian (all supposedly different), PF is dropping the "PES" from the title and just leaving it, "HAWAIIAN". Actually, Cubensis does not appear in Hawaiia (according to certain "experts"), so then it makes sense for PF just to call it the "Hawaiian", because after all, it is the only shroom spores marketed under a title having anything to do with HAWAIIA. So "Hawaiian" it will be.

This is a second flush of the Hawaiian. Notice the smaller and thinner stems on this flush as compared to the large white stems on the flush pictured at the front. This could be a cause of the silly confusion about what the "PES Hawaiian" or the "PES GOLDEN TEACHER" or the "PES HYBRID" really is. Methinks they are the same. The Hawaiian is a mighty shape shifter. All in all, PF considers this Hawaiian to be the best cultivar of all (no darts please).

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