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An Open Letter to Amnesty International
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An Open
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Copitalism: Police State Promoters and Profiteers

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Subsisting as Paradoxes
at this Domain are:


rgbwoodcut.gif (7712 bytes)Richard  Glen  Boire
Jam Big Brother's telescreen and evade the thoughtpolice!
Richard Glen Boire's writings are manifestos for mindividuals who dare to declare their minds their own.


acadvixsmall.gif (4391 bytes)Academia Vixen
Today's university is a modern menace pumping out cubicle citizens programmed for mindless conformity, all the while believing themselves to be educated elite. In it, but not of it, Academia Vixen's essays are Molotov cocktails thrown for the thoughtful.

chavo.gif (9265 bytes)Malvolio Ruttledge
The work of MR has mushroomed to the point where it can no longer be dismissed as the whimsy of a baby-faced malcontent.

jesususpect.gif (4703 bytes)Jesuspect Christereotype
Crosswire your social interface! The conflational textual works of Jesuspect Christereotype are meant to be read out-loud; over an appropriated megaphone or public address system. 


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