False Mexicana

This mushroom started a real fury in the beggining of 1999. On the alt.drugs.mushrooms newsgroup, a spore seller appeared called FOGGY MOUNTAIN FARMS. They advertised a PSILOCYBE MEXICANA spore syringe and prints. Along with PANEOLOUS TROPICALIS and others, they offered the absurd "Azurescens Cubensis B+ hybrid". PF posted that it was a rip, and then the beginning of the 1999 spore wars took off. It turns out to have been a cubensis (as PF insisted). Then it was named MEXI-CUB.

This is an interesting little cubensis. That is exactly what it is, a small cubie. That is what they call it in Europe. The PF style flushes are small, but they are numerous over time. It likes to flush several times and each flush is incredibly different then the last. This is a surprising little shroom. Sometimes, it looks just like a pan cyan with no anulus, smooth slender white stem and dome like cap. But then, it can be medium sized with a large cap that goes to plane at maturity. The larger appearing strains have a cap color that is light with an orangish center. With PF style growing, this shroom never seems to want to get very big.

This is the photo PF uses for the PF ad in High Times magazine. As can be seen, this flush is much different from the above flush. It's a shape shifter.

PF home page - www.fanaticus.com

Psilocybe Cubensis spore race photos and descriptions

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