Treasure Coast

This is the so called "Treasure Coast". The actual Treasure Coast is the north east coast of Florida near the Okee Pha nokee swamp of Georgia. That being said, this shroom has been around the web for several years. This is a very pale colored cubensis with distinct characteristics.

The TC was grown PF style, nothing changed. The jars were incubated at a constant 70 F temp. This shroom is another giant. It grows very slender and tall, but it is attached to the substrate fairly well. But like the B+, it can get so tall, it will fall over (cake tip). The above photo is of a THIRD flush.

Treasure coast race descriptions

1. CAP (size - shape stages - colors)
Dome like to plane at maturity to extreme upturned at full maturity. The cap color is very distinctive. It is very pale and some hobbiests refer to it as an Albino. It is just a pale color and nothing abnormal about it.

2. STEM (length - girth - flesh - colors)
The TC has a long thin graceful stem, that is white and silky smooth. It is also tough and fibrous.

3. VEIL (deliquescent - partly deliquescent - persistant anulus)
The TC veil is fully deliquescent.

4. SPORULATION (at what developement stage does it begin?)
The TC is a slow maturer. In fact, it is probably the slowest at maturing with the spores appearing very belatedly several days after the shroom appears to have grown all the way. It is a weak sporulator, with many specimens having no spores or very little.

5. TENACIOUSNES (Strength of attachment of the stem base to the cake)
It has fair Tenaciousness, becoming lose with increase of size. It sometimes falls over in PF style cultures.

6. SHAPE SHIFTING (shapes and changes of flush to flush - strain to strain)
It is very stable and appears similar from flush to flush and of course the size is all over the map.

7. SIZE TENDANCIES (overall size of the mushroom at maturity)
From tiny to as big as they get.

8. GESTATION PERIOD (generalized time of primordia appearance after inoculation)
This one is the true slow poke. It sometimes takes at least twice as long for the shrooms to appear. Patience is required and most likely the easiest way to grow it is let it grow in the jar and then about a month or so after inoculation, birth and case it PF style. Do the neglect tek on this one and it will be amazing. It really is a great cultivar, and after it starts appearing, it is a mind blowing exotic beauty.

9. POTENCY (This simply comes down to how fast the shroom loses its latent potency - relating to the advent of sporulation)
The TC is easy to get quality from since it is a slow maturer and gives a huge window of opportunity to grab it before its too late.

10. FLUSHING (Ability to repeat flush)
PF has seen cakes 4 months old still fruiting.

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