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Contaminated Jars - ANY possible way to dump and re-sterilize?

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Kuan Yin:
  Like a newbie/idiot I screwed up and inoculated a bunch of jars with bad slurry. Because I spent money on all these jars and they are hard to find out-of-season, what are the chances I can dump them outside and soak them in undiluted liquid bleach for a day or two and be safe to start all over again?

 Or is there a better way to clean out all the invisible gunk, like maybe using a pressure cooker? I really want to save/re-use these jars. I used BRF PF-Tek with 1/2 pint glass jars with lids.

  Is there ANY chance I could use the jars again? Please Help!

Thanks Thanks and Thanks!!!

psilocybin warrior:
wash out the gunk, soak them in bleach or 91% alcahol for a few hours, rinse for 5-15 min. PC for an hour and you should be good.


I always reuse my jars. Doesn't everybody? It's kind of point less to buy glass jars and only use them once. Anyways all I ever to to clean my jars is take them outside and remove any thing in them with a spoon and rinse them out with the hose. Then I put them in the dishwasher on a high heat setting. Has always worked for me.

psilocybin warrior:
I was under the impression some gnarly mold was growing.


I agree - dump them outside if they are contaminated ... i clean mine with 99% alcohol then wash and re-use.  sometimes i buy new lids other than that the jars are always re-usable as long as they are cleaned and PC'd.
Fattrout (aka1,2,3,4&5)


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