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I have been reading about the beneficial effect of mushrooms modulating the the immune system. I would like to raise gourmet/ medicinal mushrooms for myself and friends.  Where should I start? I noticed spore prints offered by some. I would like to do whatever is necessary to get in the loop, but don't know what I might have to share.   Thanks for your consideration, Booknik

This forum does not really address Gourment/Medicinal mushrooms. If you are interested in growing psychoactive/hallucinognic mushrooms, predominately psilocybe cubensis, then this is the right place.

There are surely some knowledgeable people around... ex., the resident mycogenius Anno

But before you post, you might want to try -


I think you may be being a bit hasty when you differentiate between haluciogenic mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms. In my opinion there is quite some overlap between these two classifications.

Obviously Booknik may not be looking for the beneficial effects that psilocybe mushrooms can provide, but I'm sure that you would agree with the statement that the mushrooms we grow are "powerfull medicine"  :D

The difference is the growing methods.
When you are growing Psilocybe mushrooms, you can grow mini scale since you only need a few dried grams for a trip. And with 10 cakes, you can easily have 50 dried grams, which last you  for a long time.

With medicinal and gourmet mushrooms, 50 dried grams won't take you far, thus you need different cultivation methods.


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