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Sclerotia maddness


Anyone know the best water to rye grass seed ratio, when I pressure cook the rye it dosn't seem to expand that much and it sort of becomes collagulated(stuck together).

1cc of spore enough using hawian strain A?
are jars smaller than quarts better?

Rye grass always clumps together when at the right moisture level. It should look wet.

Workman uses 2 part grass seed to 1 part water by volume.

Una uses 110 grams grass seed and 180 grams water.

Every grass seed is different, so keep notes and modify the water content to fit your needs. The substrate once pressure cooked should be visibly wet and difficult to shake.

1 cup of the grass seed I use weighs 80 gram.

>1cc of spore enough using hawian strain A?

There is no hawaiian strain A. YOu are confusing Panaeolus cyanescens with Psilocybe mexicana, me thinks. P. mexicana produces sclerotia, not Panaeolus cyanescens.

>are jars smaller than quarts better?

For sclerotia? No.


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