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Author Topic: Green Mold Control  (Read 5143 times)


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Green Mold Control
« on: July 20, 2010, 02:25:56 PM »

Unfortunatly in the research that I have done I have discovered that there is no way to make a selective media the will prevent the growth of Trichoderma. The problem is that it is a parasitic fungi so it feeds off other fungi. Allthough I was not able to come up with a selective media because of this I did however run across this patent application for something that will work in preventing the growth of green molds and also reduce/eliminate current infestations unfortunatly I do not have access to the proper supplies to test this any more. But it is a start if anybody has access to what the patent calls for I am sure they can get it working doesnt seem too complex.


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Re: Green Mold Control
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2010, 11:57:58 AM »

there is a way to control trichoderma... its sterile procedures.  The more sterile the better the control ;)

u can always get a HEPA too... too further u're control


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Re: Green Mold Control
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2010, 12:31:51 AM »

Yeah, of all the pf cakes I've done I've only ever gotten trich once.  That was when I tried to blender-tek clone oysters from the grocery store.  Didn't get a clean enough sample from the donor.

Glovebox, alcohol, hobby torch, and following the procedures to a T.

Funny thing though.  I dumped those jars of oyster clone myc and trich into a bucket of dried leaves.  Two months later it sprouted over a pound of oysters.  Better lucky than good.


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Re: Green Mold Control
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2010, 09:32:06 AM »

Hope this helps.  Sunlight also kills the Green.  I have seen it many times on just plain agars and grains that were not inoculated with anything.  So, I know it can  live without being  parasitic on other fungi.  Article taken from #89 TMC Jan. 2011.
    What to do with the Green Trich
                                "Surgically Removing Contaminants"
When you see green, that says the spores are in the air.  You do not want to shake it around any, trying to maybe cut it out.....big grin.  You have really done it then.  You must train your eye to spot it while it is in the white stage, before it spores off.  Once you get this down, you will be much better off.  I did an article many Issues ago in TMC, I think it was called "Surgically Removing Contaminants".  I am not going to look for it, maybe some of you can.....TMC Back Issues at our Catalog on website.  But it was like this:  Get some liquid soap detergent that is good and thick.  I use Ivory.  Pull it up in a syringe, one with a good long needle if you are going down into a jar.  Place the needle over the area to be cleaned and cover it good.  This is important when the green is first seen.  It prevents any more spores from coming off.  Once they have been covered and stopped, then go in with the needle to soak the whole area.  Mycelium will not be able to enter the area either, but you save the rest of the project.  This method works good on all contaminants but the green trich is best treated when first spotted in its white stage.  If you have a big green spot, good advice here, get it out.  Move it as quietly and softly as possible...maybe even cover it before moving.  slp/fmrc