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Author Topic: Heating pad  (Read 1442 times)


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Heating pad
« on: November 04, 2010, 03:14:22 PM »

I know alot of people use the two tub thing and use a submersible heater and able to keep the humidity and temp adjusted how they want. I will soon be the same situation once I do my hands free FC i have had insight on these boards and help of friends. I still working with a mycobag and was wondering if I put a heat pad on low covered with a towel and put the bag ontop of this in the tub I have this all set in? Do you think it will raise the humidity anyone let me know post? I just thinking I have gotten some huge kidds from even a low humidity in my FC but cant complain, so almost foot and half tall at least 4 of them. hahahah. I am counting and should be on my 3rd flush, but the way the groups are growing and I have pulled them when veiled, its been flush 5 then. Let me know anyone fault, it is finally getting a little cold at night for down south and just want to stay on my game.   :wacko:  :wacko: