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Photo contest?

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Yeah that would be sweet, please do post the rules. Although I don't think I will make it this month...  :angry:
...And I still have to buy that little blue kiddie pool..

Haha its all good. As long as a few people post pics ill be happy.
I know myself and darksyde will. Hopefully some others will join in.
Ill post it right this minute. :ph34r:

I should have something decent this month hopefully...
I have 10lbs of worm castings/straw colonizing with some Malabar in my 1st monotub right now so that should be interesting..
Have some Brazilian and Cambo clones colonizing LC too.. Might have to be for next month with those but I will do my best  :mellow:

Haha that sounds like a winner to me man. I got
5 quarts of BHT spawn colonizing a brick of coir and
a quart of verm in my monotub. Just took a peek at it
and saw about 10% colonized. Its only been like 5days
and I layered so I'm not surprised. I did notice there was
alot of water droplets on the ceiling of my monotub, is this
something to be worried about?

Couldnt answer that. All Ive ever done is cased grains so this is my 1st attempt at a monotub. maybe we can get Dub to chime in..
Kinda curious to see how long it takes to colonize  :huh:


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