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Author Topic: What's my next mycelium move? Get Out of Jail Tek  (Read 12669 times)


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Re: What's my next mycelium move?
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2011, 03:55:55 AM »

It seems to have all worked.

Day 53 since inoculation.

42 days of myc growth after 11 day germination and a dry stall.

10-05-11:  Injected 30cc malt dextrose 4% solution – extracted 5cc for LC
12-05-11:  Inverted jar to drain any excess moisture and help CO2 sink away.
13-05-11:  Colonizing bottom now 95% fully colonized
16-05-11:  Colonized now 99% fully. Birth to dunk ‘n’roll 17th

I'm gonna birth and hydrate my cake for 24hrs then roll in dry verm and place in a gallon pod bottle chamber.

Since I got only one cake this time round I'm gonna give it the personal attention it deserves and my LC's are all coming on great.

I fucked up big time at the beginning :huh: :rolleyes: but I kept my cool  :mellow: and made a plan and my patience.

53 days for a cake aint the quickest but this one will be remembered as the Get Out of Jail Tek  ^_^

OK now for stage 2...

 :ph34r: ^_^ :ph34r:

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