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Heya Lara.  Anno is usually pretty busy, and only makes it on here once in a while. But this is a great community with plenty of people who will help you with any problem you have. I'm fairly new here myself, but i've gotten a TON of help from EVERYONE. So, no worries.  :mellow:   Somebody will always try to answer your questions.   ^_^

Just wanted to introduce myself.My name is Mike i am from south west Ohio USA.Im new to this other then a lot of reading and video watching.I am here to learn and contribute later down the road when i have the knowledge needed to do so.I cant wait to get to know everyone.You'll find i'm a very laid back guy and very easy to get along with.Well talk to everyone soon have a nice night!

Hiya dudes, Just introducing myslef! I only just joined this forum today and im already loving the community vibe you've got going on! Lots of quality information for us newbies and everyone else! Im fairly new to this as a hobbie, ive got my first cakes in the fruiting chamber right now and im soo excited to see the results! I'll upload some pics when their ready! Gonna try and grow B+ on rye next time should be fun!
Love to you all.
Chains x


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