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north georgia mushrooms identification.. fly agaric??

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hey just found these babys by the road today... and A LOT TOO..
just want to make sure they are what im thinking off

Were these mushrooms close to any trees? What kind of trees?
Are the gills cream colour and free frome the stipe?
Do you have the stipe from that large cap? Does the stipe have a ring around it that looks like a skirt?
More pics? There are orange/yellow species so they just may be! ^_^

yes yes and yes...

they were by pine trees... the spores are a NICE pearl color and yes on the bottle of the stem is a skirt looking thing..

Growing from pine root is good. I think you might have a very nice find on your hands.  ^_^

thanks man.. i have been drying them out for a quite a while now and the caps are nice and crispy but the stems are a little soft. they have been laying in the sun to dry.

but to help them dry at night should i put them in a box of rice to help this out.. want to use ASAP


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