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I have grown several experiments with purchased grain substrate.  I want to try sterilizing my own.  I have followed instructions from a book but the grain looks way too moist.  When I buy it it almost looks dry. 

Are there any good instructions on how to prepare grains before sterilization?

I rinse the grains 3-4 times. Soak for 24 hrs. Then bring to a rapid boil and time it for 10 mins. Put grain in strainer and shake every 15 mins for 1 hr. Works for me! :mellow:

psilocybin warrior:
I rinse them until the water is clear. Put it in a pot and fill it up with water an inch or two above the grains, bring to a boil and simmer until you see a noticeable increase in size.

Here is a little trick when using corn.  Just buy a can of cooked corn at the food Store.  Its alread well sterilized.  Just pour off liquid, and put it in sterile jars.  slp/fmrc

Did you actually try this? The canned corn is salted, can mycelium cope with that?


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