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 I create my own D3 role to play the game. And I can get cheap diablo 3 gold in to update my D3 weapons.
 The d3 designer Jay Wilson referred to a fifth career is why the decision Demon Hunter said Demon Hunter is "Diablo 3" tailored career, a research and development team began to want to build long-range career, but then think of vocational skills are not exciting, nor with occupational characteristics, they have been declined; until recently thought requires a far attack, hateful demon career when he thought of demon Hunter, because this career not only with "Diablo 3 "linked story, his characteristics and can be naturally cut into the game universe, and can show its originality and depth narrative rendering, so they are very excited to be able to Demon Hunter as the fifth career.
 I think D3 will be more and more challenging in the future.


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