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Finally Success after so much failure. But more work is to be done.


I can finally claim success after failing about 5 times.  The climate that I live in is extremely dry and It's been a challenge for me to keep my cakes moist and warm enough for them to pin.   This is my 3rd flush with these cakes and I'm noticing that my caps are not as light of a brown as they were the first flush.  I feel like they could be getting too much water so I'm backing off the water about 15%. As I look at the pictures of the grow I can see them slowly changing color with each pic over the course of 2/3 days. Can anyone confirm or rebuttal my hypothesis?  These are just a few basic pics.  Tell me what you think?

psilocybin warrior:
Dunking before flushes is all you have to do to hydrate the cakes, with of coarse the optional rolling in verm as well. Are you misting the cakes directly? they look pretty slimy.

No I'm not misting my cakes at all. My F.C. is at 80-99% all the time.  Condensation collects on the walls and drips down all the time. I think some of the darkening came from a few mushrooms (not pictures) that opened up and spread some spores.

Congratulations, they are looking good, particulary for the 3rd flush!  :)

As for too much water: I don't think this is a problem in your case, the mushrooms look healthy(the dark caps are just the spores)


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