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No pins! Myc is white and bumpy


this is my first time in the FC, SWIM  SGFC Also SWIM has 5000-6500k LED ribbon light set up on fruiting chamber running a 12/12. SWIM waited until cakes were 100% colonized and a week to let myc consolidate. SWIM dunkedd for 24 hours in room temp water no fridge. SWIM rolled in dry verm and now that it has been inside fruiting chamber it seems to be eating the dry verm and now there is almost none left.... no pins yet! it just seems cakes are just getting fuzzier and fuzzier. SWIM doesnt know if maybe he's having a FAE issue or what.... these are the pictures u can look at and tell me what u think i should do to get these bad boys fruiting... oh yeah the humidity is constantly at 90-95% and he has an exaughts fan that he runs 4 times a day....

psilocybin warrior:
Mycelium doesn't "eat" vermiculite but it will grow around it. Everything looks fine to me and seems to be exhibiting some healthy growth recovery from the dunking and rolling. Just be patient and pins will come.


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