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It's taking to long...


Hi guys!
This is what I've done

I put the inoculated substrate in a plastic box.
About 4-5cm of substrate.
Then I put some soil-vermiculite mix above it, 1-2cm.
Once this was done I wrapped the box in some plastic foil, took a needle and made 5 hole, just so that the mycelium could breath, and placed the box in a dark room.

Temp: ~24-26c
The humid is high because the plastic foil is very wet, can't almost not see the soil.

Now it's time for the mycelium to break through the soil. Here is a good picture of what it shall look like

Now, 5 days later, almost nothing has happened. 2-3 small small lumps have appeared.

Now to the question!
Because I made holes in the plastic foil, do you think the mycelium is fruiting? Because it's suppose to be like the picture above and once that is done, it's time for the fruiting. The mycelium that is visible, it's very white and good so no contaminations.

Sorry for bad English, it's not my first language.

I am pretty sure the substrate begun fruiting. Anyway, I put my stuff in the fruiting chamber and hopefully everything is good.


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