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Author Topic: pf tek experiment - replication  (Read 2510 times)


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pf tek experiment - replication
« on: August 21, 2007, 08:13:09 AM »

To see if my previous experiment could be replicatedand, prepared were 4 pint jars using pf tek and brf.

   1 jar was prepared following directions of tek as closely and accurately as possible - with the exception of using fine verm as I never was able
      to locate medium
   3 jars were prepared according to tek modified by a mixture of approx 50% fine verm, and 50% crushed cob with BRF increased x 50% for added
      nutrients and "bonding agent" for cob.
   Inoculation was made with spore syringe from own spore print using about 2.5 cc per pint jar.

    After 2 days following innoc, growth was seen in 3 of 4 jars.
    After 7 days, 3 o4 4 jars show approx 30% colonization.
    1 jar prepared according to tek without cob or increase of brf still shows no signs of growth.   

     If all proceeds as before in experiment and fruits are once again harvested, this will provide an alternate method to pf tek.

IMO, when using fine verm with pf tek, correct water content is more difficult to determine and achieve.  Fine verm also tends to "pack" more so than medium grade verm and therefore must be the cause for my inability to successfully produce mycelium growth using tek in conjunction with fine verm.


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