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Author Topic: pf cakes to bulk spawn  (Read 3955 times)


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pf cakes to bulk spawn
« on: March 09, 2008, 09:13:17 AM »

I have to type fast so this might be worded badly I need to take my colonized cakes out of jars tommorow march 10 and want to use trhem to innoc a bulk substrate of coco coir and miracle gro organic choice which is 50 percent composted bark with spagnum peat, pastuerized poultry liter and organic wetting agent i will probably use 20% of potting mix  this 75% coco coir and 5% verm\and adjust the ph  is this a good substrate if not what is I haveb coir, potting mix, and verm And BRF and do i just crumble the cakes and put them in my cake tin(container) on top of some misted verm just like I have read to do with casing. is that the only difference from a nutricious casing is the pinning trigger ex. temp, light, humidity this is my first grow and i want to experiment  i have 12 cakes and want to case 2 fruit 2 pf style bulk sub 4 use 2 as spawn to grain when my pc comes 4days i hope and hell i might injest the other 2 just to see what happens ^_^ thank you for all your guys help I wouldnt have made it this far with out you....