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Author Topic: rye flour thickness  (Read 2449 times)


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rye flour thickness
« on: July 29, 2008, 10:31:34 AM »

hithere evrybody iv just prepared my substrate and seen thath is not like the substrate that you can see in internet when your using the brf

i have used the rye flour becouse is the only thing that i can find but it seem to be more thick when i was lookin it...
also when i put it in the glass i was tryng to make it more losley...
but i dont know how this is gonna be ....
did i have waste my time or wat?
i have to inoculate tommorow

thank in advance


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Re: rye flour thickness
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2008, 05:21:06 AM »

hey guys iv found out some ....

maybe the thickness is for the fact that i have some glass that are 300 ml...
av just seen it now so i think that iv messd up a little bit with proportion....
its that going to ruin all my work?

if i have other glass 300 ml how i twill be the proportion of vermiculite and flour?

i m waiting for some advise
thank you


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Re: rye flour thickness
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2008, 08:33:54 AM »

Substrate preparation

For one ˝ pint jar(~240 ml) you will need:
140 ml vermiculite
40 ml brown rice flour
some vermiculite to fill the jar to the top (app. 20 ml)

For 6 jars, this amounts to:
3.5 US cups vermiculite
1 US cup brown rice flour

˝pt (US pint) = 1cp (US cup) = 236ml(milliliter) = 236cc(cubic centimeter) = 1/4 qt(US quart)
Put the required amount of vermiculite for all the jars of one batch (for instance 6 jars: 6 x 140 ml = 840 ml ~ 3.5 US cups ) in a bowl.
Pour water slowly over the vermiculite while stirring with a spoon.
Be careful to only put that much water in as it can be absorbed by the vermiculite. Stir it well so all the vermiculite is uniformly soaked with water.
When you tilt the bowl you should see just a little water starting coming from the vermiculite.
This is when the correct water content is achieved.
If there is too much water in the bowl, pour the wet vermiculite in a strainer and let the excess water drain for a minute. Then the vermiculite will be at the field capacity, which is perfect.
That's from the english version of PF Tek for simple minds.
I'm not sure what country you are from but the PF Tek on this site is in 15 languages.
Maybe your language is listed there.
That's about the best help I can give because I only speak english.

Look at the link and see if your country is listed then read it a few hundred times.

Hope that helps.