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General topics / Identification assistance help wanted
« on: December 01, 2012, 12:45:30 PM »
I'll get straight to the point, I need help identifying some mushrooms I picked earlier this morning.  Expert advise is much appreciated! I hope to become a quality fungifun member. 

Location:  Christmas tree farm that was fertilized (maybe cow manure? - the workers weren't sure), found under the trees. I live in SE Michigan. 

Temperature:  It has been roughly 40 degrees during the day and around freezing at night for the past few days.  Michigan temperatures are generally fairly cold but even as late as December, we can see a few days in the upper 50's to low 60's. 

Note: The mushrooms caught my eye as I was Christmas tree shopping.  At first I paid little attention to them but as I noticed a pattern of them growing under the trees I became more curious.  A worker said that the trees were fertilized and I became interested in what kind of fertilizer but no one knew for sure.  I would say mushrooms were growing under roughly 10% of the trees and under the trees deeper in the middle of the farm (in general).  Type 1 appears to be of a psychedelic variety that I have seen before.

Appearance:  The mushrooms were generally in clusters of 3 or 4, also some were standing alone. 

Gills:  Type 1: Defined gills, white close to the stem, fading to a dark brown cap.  Relatively fleshy, wavy. Type 2: Also found mushrooms with tighter gills, that were straight and a uniform tan color.

Stems:  Type 1: White connection to gills that fades to light brown color.  Type 2: Same tan color that fades slightly darker.

Caps: Type 1: Almost perfect circle with thicker and darker edges.  Brown in color. Bit of an orangey brown in the center (darker brown on edges were there's a lip).  Type 2: Circular but wavy edges.  Almost uniform tan, as is whole fruit.

I really hope that someone could assist me in the identification process! I will be checking this post frequently to see if there are any follow up questions and to thank everyone for their assistance.

Food for thought: 
1) Should I collect a spore print and post a picture of it? 
2) How do I do it? 
3) If by some miracle I have some good product, what is the best method to clean the fruits? Cold water?

Thanks again, happy holidays and must of all, happy tripping!

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