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Cultivation / Re: My way of thinking how to start ...
« on: January 28, 2009, 05:05:37 AM »

First of all I thank you for your quick response. Second, I logged in with different account as my old VonSmeid wasnt able to log in?!

Now back to mushrooms,

1. What in your opinion is best resource for preparing substrate for shiitake?
2. I still have to pasturize substrate before I can put mycelium from Petri dishes in?
3. What would you recommend for agar?

I am planing to start small local mushroom business. I have alot of space in and around my house to grow. (just so you know what is scale of my business, if it help you to help me).

Now I will go back and read tek"s... Been doing it for days...I am sorry for possible "stupid" questions, but once again I must say I am more than happy and gratefull you give me such professional help.

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