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PF - Tek / Pressure cookers
« on: January 04, 2007, 02:36:34 AM »
Hi everyone

I`ve been confusing myself over pressure cookers, as I`m going to buy my first one. I wouldn`t want to buy anything so crappy,that I`ll just barely manage with it,on the other hand, is it worth paying that about 200$`s for an All-American? And if I spend that much on a PC, then I start to think why not spend a little more on a Pressure Sterilizer...? What`s the real, bottom-line deal with these things, if I intend to use them only at home and small-scale?

If I get a regular kitchen PC, is there some trouble with the cooling or ventile or something, as I read somewhere that it might contaminate everything you`ve just sterilized while it cools down and sucks air in? Or something like that... :huh:

ok, thanks everyone in advance.

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