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PF - Tek / first attempt going great
« on: March 30, 2009, 07:21:59 PM »
Hey all. i believe i posted once on this forum about a month ago, ever since then ive changed up my original plan quiet a bit. ive dedicated over 2 months of research mainly online and through video. i Built a kick ass sterilization chamber (innoculation chamber), a sweet incubator, i completely rebuilt a closet to make it a sweet fruiting chamber(82'x43') similar to a martha setup. i must have spent over $500 dollars just on the reusable equipment.and honestly the work was not as easy as videos made it seem, all that mixing, and stirring, the syringe work was probably the worst in that glove box with the constant flame sterilize  in those sweaty gloves that make things impossible to hold. oh yea... i was doing 36 jars. my first time. 12 1/2 pint and 24 1 pint, i stopped after i did 22 jars. couldnt handle the other 14. it got to me MAN! about that time i also realized that 22 is probably better to do incase i fucked up. in that case i should have probably done way less then 22 ha. so everything was done.. 22 jars in the incubator.. 4 days later.. all 12 1/2 pint jars were about 60-70% colonized the 10 1 pint jars were just beginning at that time. the second i saw that beautiful mycelium all that hard work i had done .. was well well worth it my friends. thank you for the knowledge, and i will be posting pic of crops when they r complete.

PF - Tek / New Member... First Grow
« on: February 08, 2009, 09:43:15 PM »
Hey guys whats goin on im about to start my first grow after about a week of researching non-stop. first i would like to say  that my grow operation will be happening in a 10 foot high by 2 foot wide pantry closet. i will be using the pf BRF tek, and 50/50 casing technique. i will be innoculating 12 1/2 pint jars, and 24 1 pint jars with B+. i have bought all the neccesary equipment that is required including a pressure cooker. i've made an incubation chamber using the submersible heater tek, and even a sterilizing chamber out of a large rubbermaid. my main plan is to pf tek all 36 jars including dunking them all, i will then case 15 of the 1 pint jars(whole, not crumbling) and cake 21 of the 1/2pint and 1pint jars.... Now for the main part, i want the pantry closet itself to be the FC.. i have ligned all the walls in the closet with large plastic black garbage bag. the closet has 4 shelves and plenty of space. i can fit 3 1 pint cakes in each of the casings, with 5 casing that is 15 cakes. i have an ultrasonic and a cool mist humidifier, along with several thermometers and a hygrometer for both temp and humidity. my plan is to run tubing through the coolmist humidifier going up to the shelves that will have the casings on them, assuming the humidifier is on the bottom. as for the cakes i will leave them on the top shelf in the big rubbermaid filled with perlite, i figure i can leave both the cakes and casings in the same closet because the perlite will not affect the casings and it would be okay for the humidifier to affect the cakes because cakes need a lot of humidity anyway.. correct? i dont know thats y im here lol, i forgot to mention i also have a natural daylight blusih CFL bulb, would the 12hrson/12hrsoff tek be good with the casings, ive also read 4hrson/20hrsoff. well that is my plan i would really appreciate feedback.. even negative because i really want this to work lol. thank you for taking the time to read this i hope it made sense. :ph34r:

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