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Title: PW or Sin??
Post by: jrfungi on February 04, 2009, 10:55:35 PM
  I made up some LC with the simple Karo tek. I have a batch of bum spores from Little Shop of Spores BTW. Any way, i knocked them up and it didn't do a thing. A week or two ago i was bored and messing with a cake. I dropped a small piece of the cake (fully colonized) in the LC and have been shaking some. It has a very nice nice cloudy look around each little piece of the cake that has broken up. It is in a pint jar and each little piece has about a quarter size "cloud" around it. Tonight i shook the ever livin crap out of the jar and noticed a bunch of floating fuzzy white looking myc.

   Is this what i am looking for?
   Would you try to use it in a spawn bag?

I was kind if experimenting and I have a bag or two to waste so really there is not much to loose. If it contams I can throw it out. What do you guys think??

Thanks as always
Title: Re: PW or Sin??
Post by: sin2win on February 05, 2009, 09:53:23 AM
i say go for it.  they say the only truly way to c if the LC is good is to try it.  try to break up the "cloud" as good as u can and suck it up. to me, hell ill say it lol, the LC looks like ---- hahaha.  a cloud of ---- haha. so GL with ure LC.

How, btw, did u drop the cake in there? in front of a HEPA or glovebox?
u can drop live tissue in a LC to make a quick "clone" also... pretty cool
here's a easy way to do that (
i did it with the Karo LC and it worked.  i stir it by twirling it around everyday or two (also drop a marble or couple of broken pieces of glass inside the LC jar)