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Title: Outdoor Neglect Report
Post by: dub504 on September 11, 2009, 09:56:11 AM
About a month ago I had a contaminated brown rice/millet jar w/Brazil strain. It had sour rot. I work w/ plants and I have a bunch of rehabilitating plants in pots on my porch. One of them is a lemon/lime Warnecki planted in pro mix which is a mix of peat and perlite. Anyways, I cased the grains in the pot and when I got home from work today, I noticed a little surprise! I don't think they would be edible though. The plant has had some systemic pesticides in it and I don't really want to gamble.
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Title: Re: Outdoor Neglect Report
Post by: malabar on September 11, 2009, 10:18:12 AM
  Now you know!  lol
   It's too bad about the pesticides.  If not for that fact you would be be enjoying some tamed semi wild fruits.
  I toss all of my old casings out into the garden, and flower pot by the pool and they are always popping up in a week or two.
  The next time, just put them in their own little pot and you will be good to go.  If they are that badly contaminated, you will not get any results, otherwise nature will correct the bad shit with UV Rays, and you will have a Much Stronger fruit growing out there.
  ~Malabar    :mellow: