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Title: Substrate Consitency - brf cakes
Post by: -CAP KING- on September 14, 2010, 04:56:43 PM
Howdy fellas,

First batch ever, innoculating my cake jars with syringes. My pressure cooker only fits 3 jars in so i've been doing batches of 3, making up the substrate a bit differently each time as the recipes i've read aren't all the same. I have 2 batches of 3 jars, the first of which i accidently added to much water to the mix and it went gloopy and not grainy. But i thought o well, added some more verm in and spoon it in the jars, p. cooked and then shot it with spores. To my surprise the myc appeared in what was probaly just one day. A few days after i did another 3 jars but with less water, the substrate was crumbly and filled the jar much neater than the prior and i gave it a satisfying compress. That batch however is growing slower than the first at the moment. Just want to know people's preferences of substrate ratios and how much moisture does the verm and brf need?

peace & love
Title: Re: Substrate Consitency - brf cakes
Post by: Vandal_xx on September 16, 2010, 06:43:58 AM
Hey man, I always do  1 part water 2 parts verm and 1 part brf. Also, if you compress the substrate yoiu might slow the mycelium growth. Also I would be suspect of any growth that comes from spores in one day!! It usually takes my jars 3-5 days. Good luck
Title: Re: Substrate Consitency - brf cakes
Post by: Azurascender on October 15, 2010, 09:31:37 PM
If you are saying that you added vermiculite to take some of the moisture out of the mixture, you may have slowed growth as a result because you didn't add more of the nutrient properties that the BRF provides. Almost like spreading too little butter over too much bread...