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Title: Flushing out a bag kit?
Post by: FunguyB on October 15, 2010, 05:02:16 PM
Hey I wanted to ask have pulled more and still have a few growing. I know once done I need to pull out all the kids that are left even the aborts. NOw are the aborts good to eat too? So i have read when you have cakes you dunk then water for a certain amount of time then do as you have done before. I need to know what I need to do with the bag I have with the compost and my mecylium mix. Do I need to soak it and then do it in another bag again to get my next crop? Or do i just break it up with all the compost and put that and little more compost and cover and let cultivate again for more and do same with the next flush and so on. Let me know I am little confused. I am going to do cakes after this, I bought Sphagnum peat moss instead of verm is this ok too when I do cakes or take it back?

Thanks for everything, I really appreciate. HOld it as a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Flushing out a bag kit?
Post by: dub504 on October 18, 2010, 01:57:06 PM
Yes, you can eat the aborts.
After your flush and after your have taken off all of the fruits and aborts, you'll probably want to "dunk" the mycellial mass in clean water for maybe 8 hours at most. It helps to change the water in there too. Afterwords you just return the substrate to the Fruiting Chamber and wait for a second flush. You really don't want to add any more compost to it. As the mycellium ages it becomes more weak, tired and susceptible to contamination. You'll be good for now, but these things only go so far...
Here are some links on dunking... GL (
Title: Re: Flushing out a bag kit?
Post by: FunguyB on October 21, 2010, 08:13:04 AM

I wanted to ask that link you left I have looked but still have questions, because some the pics on the site wont show up. I am about ready to dunk prob in the next 12 to 24 hrs. So I would just need a bucket cleaned out of course and sterile, then fill with distilled water and put the mass in water with something light on top so the mass stays under water? Ok after 7 or so hours I will pull to put back in the FC, now before i used a bag set up. If I go back to the bag setup just put back in and do what I have been doing. Or should I set up the aquarium I have and set it in there and let flush? If I do aquarium do I need to put any perlite down and mass on something on top the perlite or you thing should be all good just on the glass. Just to make sure again you said I should not roll it just put back in FC?

Thanks alot you have been big help.
Title: Re: Flushing out a bag kit?
Post by: dub504 on October 21, 2010, 03:55:52 PM
Sounds like you got the concept. The perlite will keep your FC humid. It's a must IMO. I've never used bags so I don't really know how that will work for ya.