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Title: hoping 4 positive results
Post by: kane on September 13, 2011, 11:43:41 AM
Well I jus knocked up 12 jars using the BRF pftek. I'm hoping 4 a decent result since its my 1st time. I went 6 GT's & 6 of the B+'s. Didn't use organic BRF but from what I've read I think I'll be ok. I used a PC though & I feel good bout my procedure as far as sterilization technique...I'm curious tho...I did see at the grocery store sum organic white flour & I'm wondering if it wud work inplace of BRF?? Anyway wish me luck. I do appreciate this forum & its been so very helpful. Does any1 hav any recommendations on sum other strains they hav studied? I like both a full body buzz & visuals. I've heard gt's will deliver both...hopefully I'll know 4 myself in bout 6 to 8 weeks :) :)