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Title: Incubation Temps
Post by: Curious George on November 01, 2011, 07:59:06 PM
Hello all, Kinda new at home mycology but have really done my research and took the time to prepare for such an endeavor, I just have a quick question.I have been incubating some 1/2 pint brf cakes for about two weeks now and all seemed to be going well when i decided to bring the thermometer/hygrometer from my grow room and place the probe into my incubation chamber to get a reading, so the thermo read 95.6 degrees, and knowing that incubation temps should be around 80 to 86 i kinda bugged out. Sorry about the rambling, the question is will the mycelium be adversely effected by the high heat? Have yet to see any contams and immediately turned down the temp, the mycelium seemed to be avoiding the bottom layer of substrate is this due to the heat? All the cakes are coming along nicely from what i can see but seemed to stall out a few days ago, will the mycelium now colonize the bottom layer with the heat under control? Thanks preemptively to all who reply.