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Title: Buffalo poop & Panaeolus
Post by: jimboyia on January 13, 2012, 12:39:35 AM
Howdy and may 2012 bring you many happy flushes!

This will seem like a dumb question but it is relevant to my situation - I live in Africa, surrounded on 3 sides by game reserve. We have plenty of big aggressive buffalos around. I know from reading some of the posts here and on other forums that Panaeolus prefers cow poop to other poops and I was wondering if buffalo poop should be any different, cows and buffs both being ruminants, after all.

Also, what about antelope poop? We got plenty big antelops like Eland etc too. These, so far as I know, are ungulates and so will have a somewhat different digestive system - might that also support better Panaeolus development?

I'm asking primarily out of curiosity and also because (according to authors like Hancock etc) there might be an ancient correlation between the movement of cows / game on the African savannahs and the use of mushrooms by our ancestors to develop consciousness.

Also, where can I find a Panaeolus spore print - Earthstongue has syringes but no prints.

Any ideas??