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Title: 1sr PF-TEK Fanaticus Grow
Post by: hein on February 03, 2012, 10:55:31 AM
Hey Guys.

As you've read in my other thread, my name is Hein. I am from South Africa and have never grown mushrooms in my life. Taken it once and that's it.

I met a guy from who I got a free syringe of Fanaticus from. I read on some sights that if the syringe water is slightly violet, then you've struck it lucky. The syringe I got from this dude was dark grey with many thick clumps drifting in the solution. So I was very happy.

The grow medium I use is Vermiculite and Brown Rice Flour. Mixed it to specs and filled 5 jars to 2cm above top. I put a layer of dry verm on top and seald it with a double layer of foil. I then took another piece of foil and made a 3rd top.

Then I pressure Cooked it for 45min and left it over night to cool down. This morning I inoculated the jars but seeing that I'm new I used way to much. I ended up using only 4 jars. OOPS!!!! 

So that's it so far. Will update as it goes on.
Some feedback would be appreciated cause I would love to continue and grower more difficult strains later in life


Title: Re: 1sr PF-TEK Fanaticus Grow
Post by: hein on February 04, 2012, 11:29:22 PM
So this morning I inspect the jars out of curiosity and then I saw some white.  Very excited now. It seems to be going very well. And this growth has happened after only 2 days. The spores that I got was 4 months old and according to my friend its still young so that might be the reason for the quick growth.

Will wait until next week so that the jars can fill out nicely before I post some pics.

Hope you guys have a great day.  :ph34r:
Title: Re: 1sr PF-TEK Fanaticus Grow
Post by: much room on March 02, 2012, 10:12:48 PM
eh, i believe there CAN be too many spores in a syringe. i personally dont like to see much color or clumps. a properly made syringe really shouldnt clump anyways. too many spores can do more damage than good (correct me if wrong)