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Title: stalled colonization?
Post by: smurfjoker on April 10, 2012, 10:49:42 PM
ok so this is my first time growing. and i innoculated 7 jars with 3 strains. right now i have 3 jars of the Goliath strain that have some patches of mycelium but they havent increased in growth from that point. i have been trying to keep the temp around 82 degrees for all the jars. one of the other strains was a random one which i dont know what it is and the other is gulf coast. could it be that there just isnt enough water in them that they wont grow or is there something i can do to get them going again. its been 15 days since innoculation and would like some help.

Please and Thank you

EDIT: i used BRF and vermiculite (professional grade) in 1/2 jars