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Title: Some basic ID questions
Post by: Just Jeremy on August 07, 2012, 12:46:19 PM
Greetings all!! This is my first post here. Ia m new to hunting mushrooms, but think I may have a gem in my backyard. I recently moved to Northwest Alabama from Florida. In FL, we had cubies all over, here nothing looks the same. I have been checking in the cow pasture behind my plot and a few paddies have some good looking potential. The shrooms here are silver to tanish grey, have no collar, smooth stems about 3 in' long and dark grey colored gills. We did find some very small bronze looking babies as well. I know its' difficult without a pic, but I will get some good ones and post. I've been unable to find anything even mentioning what psychoactive fungi is present here. Anyone know?
Title: Re: Some basic ID questions
Post by: motohunter on August 08, 2012, 09:09:53 AM
ok i found these mushrooms here in north GA... i think they are the natrual grown wilyeye (what-chya-call-it).. they almost smell like them.. could anyone help me before i make tea..

they are soft to the touch. almost like a spoung