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Title: New at growing using premade jars
Post by: PenisEnvy525 on December 12, 2012, 11:09:03 AM
Hey there. I wanted to make a post because I wanted to see if my sig is there or not now and that gave me the opportunity to ask what your opinions of premade jars are? I am 100% noob at it, other than the countless pages and vids I found and studied in order to grow. The jars I got, as some of you may know, are jars. No, I am not promoting them, but I am a customer of theirs and I have to say I am extremely happy with their product. When I got the $100 kit (I think it is the $94 kit on the site itself with the two tubs and the twelve jars and all the equip) I was pumped. Then someone told me that they are not that good and to make jars (though he looked at the site and recanted that I think). I was worried then my first jar of three came to life after 2 days and turned green up top, but there was a variable in there that most likely caused it. I have two other jars going and PE is covering the entirety of the top of the jar and BHT grew a ton over night... He was only a little spot the size of a dime yesterday. I have to say, it took about 5 days for signs of life to appear in the two good jars and they are really going quickly. I have been checking them and they both look beautifully white and not hairy or anything. I just wanted to say I love these jars, they are already sterilized, the are fast acting, I like them. What do you thinik of premade jars? How about the ones on the site? Again, I am not a promoter of the site.
Title: Re: New at growing using premade jars
Post by: MoGrow on December 12, 2012, 12:49:15 PM
I didnt even think about using premade kits when i started researching, its just too cheap to do it yourself.. BRF is like 1.25 a LB and vermiculite is like 20$ for 1/2  a lifetime supply, jars are ~9$ a flat, and water is pretty much free so.. i never really saw the point in pre made kits. I have talked to a few people that use them with great success. The problem i see with premades is you can never 100% narrow down your point of contamination if you dont prepare everything yourself, when doing PFtek (which ive done once and am moving away from in favor of bulk grains) all you need is a ok sealing pot to boil. Glad your buddies are growing up big and strong but keep in mind that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact you used premade jars.


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Title: Re: New at growing using premade jars
Post by: PenisEnvy525 on December 12, 2012, 01:39:02 PM
Yeah, they are more expensive I can tell, but I can't believe how well they are working. I just made everything super easy to do. Get the kit, jars, and then spores the next day in the mail, clean thoroughly before injecting, and done. Shit, it is too easy to grow magic shrooms. I can't believe it really. I am looking at my jars and thinking, "huh, well that took no effort other than cleaning the kitchen. It is cheap as hell to do too!" Weed is harder to grow, shit. As for that contam I had on Amazon, it was the poking of the pen through the tape after inoculation writing the name on the top. If it was anything else I would be pleasantly surprised, but I know what you are saying.

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Title: Re: New at growing using premade jars
Post by: MoGrow on December 12, 2012, 02:25:52 PM
i doubt your contam on the amazonian came from poking the pen through the tape. My PF jars had open injection ports from inoc to birthing. unless you stuck the pen so far in as to penetrate the dry verm layer i dont think this is where it came from..

I do think the growkits are a good all in one choice, i just never thought about going that way seeing as how i could get everything i needed myself in a 5 mile radius from my house.

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