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Title: The #48 May 2014 TEO Mushroom Journal Up For Free Read
Post by: fmrc on May 21, 2014, 09:43:25 AM
The #48 "TEONANACATL", The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms ("TEO"), May 2014, is now posted up for free read and download.  Go to and then click "TEO Journals" off of the Main Menu.
Some of the Articles in this Issue:
How Psilocybe Cubensis appears in the Wild, Was This the First Home Cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis? Panaeolus subbalteatus Notes, Psychoactive Mushroom Sclerotia Notes, FREE Mushroom Spore Print Sample SOO81 Amanita muscaria.  Enjoy.  Stephen L. Peele, Curator FMRC