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Title: Virtual Paranoia?
Post by: axis on July 09, 2007, 08:11:37 PM
My bad guys. I just can't seem to want to spread pics on some website I know nothing about, of something that could come back and bite me in the ass. Such as pics of whats going on inside my jars so I can get an opinion from ya'all so I know what to do next. colonizing for 2 months now (minus 4 days)

Is there no way I can upload the pics in the forum somehow?

also, now that I've drilled the hell of all six sides of a new tub, bottom included, then 3 inch perlite.  excess water drains out the bottom, so now I need a pan to catch it in? the video wasn't too complete.

Title: Re: Virtual Paranoia?
Post by: Baphom3t on July 09, 2007, 09:02:43 PM
your perlite should'nt drain a whole lot.
It should just be damp.

you can send photo's through potobucket or imageshack.
I use photobucket for all my stuff
That 's about the best I can say