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Cultivation / Matching Blower to Filter
« on: October 08, 2010, 12:53:31 PM »
I'm utterly confused, but I'm not sure if I have this or not.

Now I'm opting for this filter:

Wood, 99.99% @ .3 micron, 24x24x5 5/8"

That $140ish amount is shipped, which I think is a great deal.

Now, the brochure gives an example of a test filter and the static pressure to CFM ratings.  I'm in luck on this, because the test filter was the same size.  They tested 4 filters of diff. efficiencies.  For this particular filter I'm getting, it says for 1"-1.2" static pressure, the filter is rated for 275-350CFM.

Now I'm not wanting to blow my filter out and I understand the plenum math for this. But I was going to opt for a 8" Elicent centrifugal fan.  The brochure for the elicent fans (AXC200B) implies that around 1"SP you get about 360CFM.  At around 1.25"SP it goes down to about 271CFM.

Now I looked at the other fans above the 8" on that brochure and they all seem to be quite outrageous for this filter.

Now what I wanna know is that if this fan+filter combo would be ok.  I was planning on getting a speed controller to get the perfect match.  And I figured the fan is a bit stronger, so with the speed controller and prefilter, I would be pretty safe from wear, tear, and overall use for a few years.

Let me know,

I'm ordering everything in the next few weeks, so let me know ;)


General topics / Re: acid or shrooms?
« on: October 08, 2010, 12:41:46 PM »
+1 to lost cause's comment.

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