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PF - Tek / Keeping the Humidity UP
« on: July 11, 2012, 10:32:14 PM »
Hey all,

I set up my terrarium and I'm looking for some tips on keeping the humidity up.  I have a 70 qt tub with a hole in the lid covered with plexiglass for light.  I have a divider down the middle of the tub  that is about 3 inches tall, I have a humidifier on one side of the divider and about 2 inches of perlite on the other.  The humidifier fills up about half of the tub (it's a vick's humidifier), I have the divider there to keep the perlite from pouring over under the humidifier. There are 4, quarter inch, holes on both the long sides of the tub, two on each of the short sides.  The holes are about half an inch above the perlite level.  My RH stays at about  87-90%.  So I have a few questions

1) If RH is at a good level, should I see condensation on the tub walls? Would you consider condensation a good thing or a bad thing?
2) Should I keep using both perlite and a humidifier? Are there pros and cons to using both?
3) Is not having perlite in the humidifier side of the tub affecting my RH? ie, should I just go ahead and put perlite under the humidifier?
4) Can someone recommend a better, smaller sized humidifier?
5) I read in some places that it's good to mist your terrarium, but I also read that it's not good to spray water on the cakes, so which is it?  Is it okay to spray inside the terrarium a couple times a day even though the cakes get sprayed?
6) Are there any other techniques/methods you all use to keep the RH high?

Thanks for any help and/or tips you can give me.

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