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Cultivation / blower postion
« on: January 03, 2006, 09:09:13 PM »
Can someone eloborate on blower postion inside flow box.  Does it matter if the air  current form the blower is directed downwards, upwards, backward or forwards diagonally relative to the hepa filter?  I noticed the blower is directed downwards on the model shown on this site which would be difficlut with a squirrel type blower unless positioned on the side of the box, or is left on top of the box unlike model show on this site.  Is there a reason besides space conservation to submerge the blower into the box instead of leaving it on top of the box?  Also, does it matter what distance the blower is from the hepa filter?  Does it need to be centered so air is blowing to the direct center of the hepa filter?  Or is the static pressure equally the same on the filter for all possible positons the blower can be located if the box if completly pressurized?  

Does it matter if the box is exteamly large if pressurerized?  Will the pressure exerted onto the filter be the same regardless of box size?  I apolgize if I asked some of the same questions different.      

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