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General topics / Re: Update pics..
« on: January 19, 2011, 07:58:17 PM »
sooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!! only hope to have growth myself one day lol

hello very new to mushroom growth trying it for first time because they looked so cool now im determined to grow i know i messed it up though here are my bloopers first i purchased "the kit" that came w 2 batt op. lights bag perilite 6 equin sub. jars pre sterilized i used the oven door method but stabbed myself w needle i did light need red hot prior to injection then put on heating pad to inc. but got bbout 100 degrees so took them out and sat on fridge its been 9 days  since started them what infection color should i lokk for or what exaactly should i be seeing now  i also did my own brf tek w other b+ syringe  but i had to strech solution so i boiled filtered water allowed to cool and sucked up in syringe during sterilizing jars i cooked pan dry but put water back in and cooked lil longer any suggestions help anything? i would love to see these things grow

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