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Cultivation / Hi Everyone! A question if I may? Youtube Video!
« on: November 17, 2006, 08:28:23 PM »
Hello, I've been very interested in growing mushrooms for a long time, and have been researching which may be the best method, then I saw this video on youtube:

Pretty amazing huh?  That is the kind of yeilds I am interested in, could someone please explain to me how someone may do this?  What supplies would I need?  It looks like a tub of sorts but I'm sure it might be better using a rubbermaid container or even some type of glass...tub.  It looks like he has a thermostat inside to give it humidity, what kind of thermostat should I be looking for?  I live in canada, anyone know of places to purchase spores online?  If not it's not a big deal as I know a store in town that sells them, but obviously they over charge.

One also very big question in my mind, is there a way to continously grow mushrooms?  I know shroomery has many answers but their site is very vast, any links directly to pages would be very helpful.

Either way, look at them grow!

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