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PF - Tek / veteran coming out of retirement...
« on: December 16, 2013, 12:33:19 PM »
hey guys, im looking to get back into growing, did a bunch a while back, and am starting off simple to get my feet back under me. ive got a couple queries id like to run past the community here.

first off, im starting back w the pf tek of course, instead of trying to jump right in w casings or something. my jar lids have a bit of rust on them. i know i can go with the three layers of foil instead of lids, but im just curious in general to know just how dangerous rust can be in terms of sterilization. obvsly any sort of unwanted substance can lead to contamination, and of course each case is specific to its own variables, however i wanted to know what you all had experienced with that.

secondly, ive got a nice pressure cooker that actually didnt even come with a bottom tray (my mother picked it up at an estate sale bc she thought i was cooking food and canning fruits or some shit ;) ).

this is it:

now ive never used it before, much less for sterilizing substrate jars. its got this "tri-ply" bottom that i assume acts as a layer of protection against jars cracking, however id hate to go thru the time and find half my jars fuckered. any one have experience with this pc?

lastly, my syringe was ordered online from a buddy of mine, and its been sitting in a closed bag for almost a year now. theres still visible spore chunks, but i wanted to know if theres a shelf life for syringes/spores such as this.

thx for your help. im sure i couldve found answers to these with some research on my own; please excuse my laziness.


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