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PF - Tek / Newbie questions
« on: November 05, 2007, 02:53:47 AM »
 hello, i just had a few questions about growing mushrooms, i was wondering if some one could give me some info on how much of each ingredient do you put into each 1/2 pint jar? example... how much pete moss, vermiculite, limestone or what ever best ingredient brown rice flour anyways how much goes into each jar? ??? the measuring of the ingreds...? and i was thinking about using a humidifier with plastic tubing going to 3 two liter bottels all connected to the plastic see through rubber maid tub??? is that a good set up if not please give me some tips or info to make a better setup. i have down a few starter kits in the bags and just shake up the q-tip in the bag and wait, made a good small amount but i wanted to learn how to do the casing, jars. i have been reading on the net for a while trying to learn all i can about it,and i found this site, and just looking for someone  :huh: else's opinion??? thanks for your time and info,.. brad.

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